Vaping and the Environment

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The production of traditional cigarettes can have negative effects on the environment. Land is cleared for tobacco plants, and then overworked resulting in land degradation. Vaping and E-cigarette’s have a smaller impact on the environment due to the following reasons:

  • 1.Vaping produces little waste. Without a doubt, cigarettes are one of the most littered items in the world. Out of all the cigarette smoked on a yearly basis, it is estimated that up to 63 percent of them are littered in a haphazard way. They have a negative effect on the environment and can cause issues for wildlife. Especially in our oceans. Along the coastline, one third of all litter picked up consists of cigarette butts. These butts take years to decompose and release harmful toxins while they do, these are released into the water. Therefore, fish and sea mammals are exposed to them. Vaping utensils on the other hand are made from metal, reused time and time again and can potentially be recycled.
  • 2.Deforestation for the production of tobacco is a serious issue. Plus, more trees are cut down to make packaging and wrapping paper for cigarettes. This does not need to be done for vaping. If more people vaped, and less trees had to be cut and land burned, vaping could technically help decrease carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 3.If food was planted on land used to grow tobacco, it could produce more edible products for people in need.
  • 4.Vaping in place of smoking cigarettes could reduce the number of people needing medical care for issues related to smoking such as lung cancer and heart disease. This would help cut back on the amount of medical waste produced which is harmful to the environment.