CASAA 3rd Call to Action re: FDA e-cig / vaping rules & regulations : Demand congress to inestigate FDA & CDC Actions


Friday, June 13, 2014

Third Call to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations - Demand Congressional Hearings Investigating FDA and CDC's Actions

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On Thursday, May 8th, CASAA released the Overview of its Action Plan Regarding Proposed FDA Regulations.

  • On May 11, 2014, CASAA released the first of several Calls to Action anticipated in CASAA's Action Plan.
  • On May 21st, CASAA released the second Call to Action.
  • The First Call to Action is still active, so if you haven't yet participated, please do so now. The Second Call to Action has now concluded.

This is the Third Call to Action in CASAA's Action Plan.

This Third Call to Action represents consumers’ first “ask” of Congress, namely, a demand for oversight and investigative congressional hearings regarding CDC’s and FDA’s bad faith actions in connection with e-cigarettes. Many of CDC’s misrepresentations are set forth in CASAA’s testimony to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. If you want more information on how the FDA has misrepresented the science in connection with the proposed regulations, you should read the the errors and misstatements that are currently being cataloged in our AntiTHRLies blog.

We have created a campaign through CASAA's CQ Roll Call program, which will enable to you to directly contact your elected federal legislators (House and Senate). Click here for the CQ Roll Call Campaign for this Third Call to Action.

You will be asked for your name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number. All of this information is required by the program in order to find your elected representative and senator and to deliver the email to them. (CASAA does not share its email list or membership list, so the personally identifying information you enter will only be available to CASAA through our database and to the recipients of your email.)

The first and last part of the email is not editable. It ensures that a consistent message is sent to Congress by all CASAA members. The middle portion of the email, however, is completely editable by you, and you should feel free to make whatever kinds of edits you wish. We particularly encourage you to edit the email so as to add a brief paragraph (perhaps two to three sentences) sharing your personal story.

If you plan to substantially edit the email, you may wish to copy the text into a word processing program and make the edits there, then copy and paste back into the CQ Roll Call email. We have had two reports over the last several months that CQ Roll Call might "reset" when you keep the window open for a long time or when you open a separate browser window, causing you to lose any unique text you've added (and reverting back to the original).

Please take a moment to share this Call to Action with others.