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What are the pros of vaping? The main Positive of vaping is the simple fact that exposure to tobacco is reduced. Tobacco is harmful to the environment and the consumer. A single cigarette can have over 4000 chemicals, some of them toxic. Vaping can eliminate the majority of these chemicals. It can also eliminate the smell associated with tobacco. Nonsmokers especially are sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke.

It gets in hair and clothes and can prevent people from visiting clubs and restaurants where smoking is allowed. People who smoke cigarettes at work often have to wash their hands and use breath mints so the cigarette smell does not linger on them and offend their nonsmoking colleagues.

The liquid used in a vaporizer has no smell, so it is not offensive. Plus, the liquid has no color so there is little chance of it staining teeth and nails which traditional cigarettes do. Another advantage of vaping is the choice it gives the consumer, there are hundreds of flavors to choose from.

As with everything in life, there can be some negatives to vaping. The main complaint is lack of governmental regulations for E-cigarettes. Regulations can even vary from state to state. Vaping can be a great tool to stop smoking cigarettes, but it won’t be a solution to quitting nicotine unless the consumer makes a conscious effort to choose E-liquids that contain less nicotine, or are nicotine free. Be careful about cheap imitations. If the price of a vaporizer is too good to be true, it probably is and means it is an imitation.