Outbound Shipping Costs


All carrier fees and insurance associated with outbound shipments will be added to the customer's invoice.  Rates are determined based on size, weight and replacement value of the shipment.  Insurance is a requirement on all C.E.L.L. outbound shipments.


Outbound Handling Costs


C.E.L.L. goes to great lengths to ensure safe delivery of our product to your establishment. Liquids are carefully sorted and secured into air sealed bags and packed in heavy weight shipping boxes surrounded by bubble wrap. In lieu of increasing the cost of our liquids C.E.L.L. will begin assessing a handling fee, at our current cost, on a per box basis. Current cost is $15.00/Box


Inventory Management


C.E.L.L.’s internal chain of custody begins with the initial order. The laboratory technicians count the inventory as they create your order. The lab assistant inventories liquids when labeling the order. Before packaging, the completed bottles are then inventoried by a manager. Each individual vacuum sealed bag is then inventoried prior to placement in the shipping container by the shipping department and labeled with its contents. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the contents of each bag prior to opening it. If there is a discrepancy between the bag label and the actual contents do not open the bag. It is the customer's responsibility to contact C.E.L.L. (prior to opening the bag) regarding the discrepancy, and we will provide you a FedEx number to return the bag at our expense. C.E.L.L. will then correct the error and re-ship the bag to you. C.E.L.L. will not be responsible for inventory discrepancies once the bag is unsealed.


Protected Territories


C.E.L.L. Appreciates  our loyal customers and we want you to know that we are loyal to you as well!


 If a customer is using a custom branded e-liquid, C.E.L.L. will not enter into any customer agreements with other retailers within a designated radius of your location, without your permission, if you have placed an order within the prior 4 week period. The only exclusion to this would be our Premium E-Liquid lines which will not be sold to other retailers within a 5 mile radius of any existing customer's retail locations.


We appreciate your business and if you have any questions regarding these, or any, policies please contact C.E.L.L. at 228-396-1311 or email info@coastaleliquidlab.com