Special Blend Flavor Samples

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Product Description

Alien Spittle a cosmic blend of tropical fruits and mixed melons
Lyger's Blood a tropical melon with a hint of strawberry
Cosmo blueberry, pomegranate and vanilla cream
Giant Juicy Peach candy mix of XXL and Juicy Peach
Formula 54 creamy vanilla with exotic fruits and raspberry
Strawberry Dream creamy vanilla, ripe strawberry and spice
Snickle Fritz creamy watermelon and kiwi
Doopy crisp medley of fruits, berries and melon
Cap'n C crunch cereal with bursts of berries
Sand Dollar dark chocolate with sweet coconut
Drag'n Blood decadent dessert of chocolate and berries
Slap Ya Mama dragonfruit with vanilla and creams
XXL exotic blend of sweet fruit candy
Loopy fruit cereal
Citrus Melon lemonade and melon mix
Cool Mad Ripe minty chocolate, vanilla and ripe strawberry
Serial Killer mix of fresh berries with vanilla and Bavarian cream
MelonDramatic mix of honey dew and cantalope with Bavarian cream
Psycho Candy mix of raspberry and fruit candy flavor
Nanna Bang nilla wafer, banana pudding and yellow Laffy Taffy
Peach Dream peach and vanilla yogurt with a touch of cinnamon sugar cookie
Bourbon Brittle Pecan Praline with bourbon and hints of maple
Drama Queen rainbow gum
Gremlin raspberry, mango and tart lemon mix
Creamy Dreamy rich creamy caramel and vanilla custard
Drag'n Tears smooth creamy fruit with a tart twist
Skittle Piddle sour version of Rainbow Candy
Who Dat sweet and creamy with a hint of liquor
Cotton Brazz sweet cotton candy with wild berry mix
Jade Tiger sweet melon with berries and coconut
CinnaCrunch toasty cinnamon crunch cereal