Tobacco Flavor Samples

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Product Description

Black Honey Tobacco a mild tobacco aged with honey and molasses
Menthol Pure all menthol and nothing but
Trippy Tobacco blend of tobaccos and cream
Berry Rello blueberry cigarillo
Cuban bold and rich flavor of the Carribbean
Clove Clove
Jolly Roger Tobacco fire cured tobacco soaked in Jamaican rum
Menthol Single Tobacco floral tobacco with menthol
Grape Rello grape cigarillo
Xtra Special house special tobacco blend with mild sharp flavor
Loxi Blues Tobacco Blend like a full flavored cigarette with a hint of honey
Islander Tobacco Blend like smoking your pipe while eating a chocolate bon bon
RY4 mild tobacco flavor with caramel and vanilla twist
Marley Blend mild tobacco with Jamaican Rum and a twist
European Red Tobacco Blend nutty and smooth, cowboy's choice
Puff Tobacco Blend our house tobacco, bold with a smooth finish
Pineapple Rello pineapple cigarillo
Vanilla Pipe pipe type tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla
Reserve - High Tide rich aged tobacco
Bourbon Butter rich tobacco with Kentucky bourbon and Butter rum
Asian RY4 Tobacco RY4 tobacco with a strong caramel flavor
Double RY4 RY4 tobacco with a stronger caramel flavor than Asian RY4
Menthol Puff smooth Western tobacco with menthol flavors
Cigar Noir sweet and mild cigarello
Vanilla-Blue sweet blend tobacco with spicy vanilla and wild blueberry
Tomango sweet maple tobacco flavor with a fruity kick
Free unflavored eliquid
Single Tobacco very mild tobacco flavor, with floral tones
Southern Oak Tobacco very strong and bold, heavy oak, like a good cigar